Typical Questions We Get Asked

Why do you offer FREE and PAID Followers?

We are totally honest with our service we offer, that being the FREE Followers are of lower quality compared to the PAID (premium followers) we offer. The FREE Followers are also offered in much smaller packages as we have a much smaller pool of users. It all depends on your requirements.

How do you deliver the TikTok Followers?

All followers both FREE and PAID packages are drip-fed, this means we will deliver the followers over a couple of days or even a week depending on the quantity. This is to make it seem more natural from an outside perspective. Please allow sometime before contacting us regarding the delivery of your followers.

Where do you get the followers from?

We have partnered up with an advertisement network that pays TikTok users a small reward for following accounts they request. It’s a very simple process, contact us for more information.

Why haven't I received my followers?

Please allow one day after paying for the order to be placed in to “Processing”. Once your order is processing (Will be able to track it on PayPal). It will then take around 3 days on average for the followers to be delivered. Although the drip feed period could be longer if the package is larger.

Will I get FREE Likes?

Depending on the videos you create after the followers are delivered may increase your likes naturally, the users we deliver are REAL.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, once all the followers have been delivered we cannot reverse, meaning we cannot refund you either as we have paid our advertisement network for paying their TikTok users to follow you.

Can I request a larger package?

Yes, if your looking for more than 8,000 Followers then please feel contact us for a custom package, we look forward to hearing from you.

Is this safe for my account?

Yes, there are no BOTS involved or automation, everything is real meaning TikTok cannot penalise/ban your account for receiving natural followers! Feel free to contact us with your concerns.

What should I do after receiving my Followers?

Now is the time to get busy posting content that’s attractive to others and engaging. Don’t get lazy as you may start loosing your followers and nobody wants that!

What are your followers so affordable?

We connect to TikTok users globally meaning we can offer them competitive prices that works both ways! This means we can offer affordable TikTok followers to everyone!

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If you struggled to find the question/answer you was looking for free to send us an email below! We are sorry to hear your are experiencing issues and are looking forward to helping you resolve it!

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